Chapter 87 - Chapter 86 - Sia! (Part 13)

Author's Note

Dewan Horizon

A Drayke finally roars again and Faustus is back. The next chapter is quite epic, or at least I feel that it is epic and I hope you enjoy it. The second volume is fast coming to an end in another 4-5 chapters at most. Then the true starting of book 1 will take place. In my original chapters, all the events till now were only a grand total of 15 chapters. Right now, we're at 87 and counting T_T. Please do keep rating, reviewing, and commenting. It helps the book out a lot! But above all, enjoy yourself while reading it. Hooah! Much love to you Horizonators, Cheers and enjoy the chapter! Horizon out. P.S - Next chapter, we have another battle cry to add to "Hooah!" and it's Baling brilliant and familiar to some of you, I'm sure.