Chapter 88 - Chapter 87 - Sia! (Part 14)

Author's Note

Dewan Horizon

That's the end of SIA POV for now. I didn't want to change her pov just because Faust woke up. But next chapter onwards, it's back to the *cough, cough* MC of the book. What did you think of the chapter? Let me know in the comments below. We have Leonidas who's finally become a weaponmaster and Faust has returned. Tomorrow, the third chapter to be uploaded has a hair raising moment in it and marks the end of volume 2 of the first book. Just two more volumes to go more! Then on to the second book! Please do rate and review this book if you liked it! It helps out a ton! Till tomorrow, Alala! Much love to you Horizonators, Cheers and enjoy reading the chapter! Horizon out.