Chapter 58 - Chapter 57 - Choice!

Author's Note

Dewan Horizon

Which door do you think he walked through? The left one or the right one? Also, I received a review today that was the first non-author review I've gotten. I am being very frank when I say that I sat there stunned for a long time as I reread the words a hundred times over. I am definitely not going to go on hiatus or drop this novel and if I do, it's only after I finish everything. This is my promise to you. Let me know in the comments which door would you choose and why! Please keep rating, reviewing, and commenting - all of which gives me motivation and makes the day a lot brighter! If you guys want to talk amongst yourselves and to me, Join the discord - it's a lonely place right now and needs you - Discord link: Much love to you Horizonators, Cheers! Horizon out.