Chapter 73 - Chapter 72 - The Flight of The Draykes!

Author's Note

Dewan Horizon

The Flight of the Draykes has taken flight out of the abyss again! 4-5 more chapters and this arc is completely over! Apologies for this short chapter though. The next chapter though is quite long! If you're confused, then that's good. That's how I want it to be. By now you should have realized he has awakened but you must have many questions. Well, those answers are going to come slowly over the books as the plot behind them is huge. If you liked the Flight of the Draykes and the abyss arc, leave another Hooah! down below. If you really liked the Flight of The Draykes, rate it and review it! It helps! I hope you enjoy reading the book. Much love to you Horizonators, Cheers and Happy Reading! Horizon out.