Chapter 9 - Hunters Tournament, Part II

Author's Note

J. Hamilton

Afterword Fun fact, the name Namiyo means "wave man". NAMIYO YAMAGUCHI AGE: 12 (DOB: March 8, 2000) HEIGHT: 5’2” BODY: Slim Build HAIR TYPE: Black; Medium-Length, Ponytail PREFERRED CLOTHING: Dark; Robe, Sweatpants, Track Shoes Namiyo Yamaguchi is the son of a distant relative of the Yamaguchi Clan’s Founder. Since very early around the time the Two Clans were established, there have been rare cases of Yamaguchis being born with an incurable eye disease. The origins are not fully certain, but it does stem from the lineage of their Founder. Namiyo, having unfortunately been born with this deficiency, has to wear a blindfold or some manner of eye covering to reduce eyestrain. However, he has found a workaround, in the form of training his hearing to its absolute limit. As of current, he can accurately distinguish sound waves in order to engage in daily activities, as well as combat.