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  • My crime?
    Petting the wrong ginger cat.
    What should’ve been a pleasant evening in with cheesy chips with gravy, ended with an unhealthy dose of transmigration when I pet the wrong ginger cat. Worse yet, the divine entity that should have protected me, given me skills to protect myself, slapped me with the crippling Pacifist Trait and condemned me to a life of incarceration in Game World. It’s not over though. There is no way in hell I’m going to take this lying down. I may not be able to fight for survival, but wit and charisma can go a long way.

    J. PAL
  • She was an impoverished tomboy who always ended up in the midst of a fight. Living her life on the edge, she never flinched nor knew what the words 'giving up' meant.
    Although life was hard, her pure and bright personality never suffered. However, her only weak point was quickly grasped by the notorious and feared CEO Xie Jingyu, who not only owned a business empire but according to rumors also had a lot of secret businesses in his hands.
    After saving the tycoon's life, she only had one request - money! Unfortunately, Xie Jingyu was not willing to let go of her just yet, and he pursued her with a relentlessness that made her breathless, a shamelessness that made her blush.
    Unable to get away from the overwhelming CEO, her only option was to counterattack, playing a game of cat and mouse. never giving in, never surrendering, but never wholly rejecting either.

  • Contains illustrations.
    Anger. Pain. Happiness and sorrow. Lev left them all behind as he faded into the void. What of his victory? Had all his hardships been for naught? His dreams and enemies slowly slipped from his grasp as he was transmigrated into another body. He wanted to see the world change, but that opportunity was stolen from him — Or was it?
    Shackled by slavery and cursed as a social outcast, Lev must claw his way up a new social ladder laden with abuse and destruction.

    Michiel Werbrouck - Hadi Bendakji
  • "Although the body is dead, its military soul has not been extinguished." These are words that Luo Zhirou's father has told her time and time again.
    For peace and freedom, countless soldiers sacrificed their lives, only to stumble at the last step.
    Forced to live in the Empire where her soldiers had died, live under the ruler who had ordered her people's death, Luo Zhirou knows all too well that ten years is not too long to wait for revenge.
    Revenge for her people. Hope for a reunion with her mother. Life is far from easy for Luo Zhirou as she finds that she possesses the Five Elements of the Royal Sky.

  • Weak. Useless. Traitor.
    These are the words that continuously plague the mortal Amon. His wish to protect his loved ones is answered when he finds a hidden gravesite with artifacts belonging to a powerful cultivator. Confronted by the area's guardian, Amon begs the illusive woman for her guidance.

  • On a Continent where peaceful times are swiftly coming to an end, witness the rise of a young slave as he tries to climb to the peak of power. With a little luck gifted by the heavens and the determination to continue striving to be the best, will he become a figure who stands above all others or will he be another insignificant bump in history?

  • Inspired by urban fantasy and xuanhuan novels, To Fling a Light follows Aster Newton, a wielder of obscure powers, as he returns to Singapore after a round of training. Previously a supernatural agent for hire, he’s seen many things that go bump in the night, but that’s currently the least of his concerns to his impoverished self.

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