Chapter 3 - Set Up

Author's Note

J. Hamilton

Character Bios ILMAR SANJURO AGE: 10 DOB: May 19, 2000 WEIGHT: 110LBS HEIGHT: 4’11” SKIN: Dark Brown BODY: Slim Build HAIR TYPE: Black; Short, Messy PREFERRED CLOTHING: Bright; T-Shirt, Basketball Shorts, Slides Ilmar is one of the twins of the Sanjuro Clan Head, Lord Gado. His biggest inspiration, rather than his elder brother Fudo, is actually his own father. He desires to become the Head of the Sanjuro Clan in the future. He is quite physically gifted thanks to his Clan inheritance, and is known in particular for his rivalry with Satoru. SATORU YAMAGUCHI AGE: 10 DOB: April 17, 2000 WEIGHT: 106LBS HEIGHT: 4’10” SKIN: Light Brown BODY: Slim Build HAIR TYPE: Blonde; Medium Length PREFERRED CLOTHING: Bright; Long-Sleeved Shirt, Short Pants, Sneakers Satoru is the firstborn son of Lord Tenchi, the Yamaguchi Clan Head. Ever since he was a little child, he was always a quiet and very smart person. He tends to avoid troublesome situations and always seeks out the most logical options. Oddly, he does not desire to become the Head of the Clan, but rather to take on a Second-in-Command position. He is also recognized as having the highest potential among the youngsters of his Clan, and takes pleasure in outclassing Ilmar.