Chapter 63 - B4 C63: The Unravelling World

Author's Note

Xel Vi Coronata

For webnovels, such a chapter would be good as an end point, but the novel re-writing will see a slightly...different shift. Of course, Amazon publishing will come only after I finish the entire series/when a certain event happens, so finishing this on RR/MQ is not going to be an issue. Ok, on to the main point. What do you think? I've foreshadowed this moment long and hard enough, but I hope that it was evident to those who don't do close reading too! I've been writing LoTLS for six months, and I'd like to think that I've improved as time went by. And for the first time, Gemini's taking the last chapter! Maybe I'll write a character motivation page on Moonquill (I can set apart a volume for side stories), but that'll depend on reception... Alright, onwards to Book 5: World's End, Divines' Rondo! (The title is a reference to something...)  Thank you so much for your support! ^_^  And as usual, review, rate, subscribe or something! Do remember to check out the synopsis, if you want to see what vol 6 is about.