Chapter 8 - CH8

Author's Note


EDIT: Parts of this chapter have been rewritten. I haven't worked on this story in a year, but it's one of those I keep thinking of. Beware, the (yes, this is BL, but the mc is bi, okay, and I don't know what's gonna happen, there might be hints of romance with girls, too. This novel is gonna be so looong, guys, what am I getting myself into??) romance is going to be a super slowburn. The action (what little there'll be, this isn't an action story) will be super slow. This is not a fast-paced novel, which is good, cuz it'll be super long. Right now, I'm doing camp nano so no updates in April. But once April is over, I'm gonna see if I can get some kind of schedule going for this. It'll be highly sporadic updates for a while though, please keep that in mind.