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How Numbered Days Started

by wolfling on 29/01/2021

Everyone wonders about the afterlife — myself included but more often than that, I always wondered: "Where was I before all this? Did I have a past life? What was it like? What about before that past life?" Other than that, people are obsessed with soulmates. Some say they're found. Some say they're made. Some say they don't exist.

"Well, guess what," I thought to myself. "I can make a world where they do."

Numbered Days is set in a world where we all wait before we're born. (Whether we were molded in God's image or formed from the essence of the universe, I don't think any pure, beautiful soul would be ready to deal with society on Earth and everything going on here — and most certainly not alone; even atoms look for others to bond with.) It's my attempt to answer as much of my younger self's questions as I can, and I hope it answers yours too.

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