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by QuakingQuasar on 28/06/2022

Sorry about the delay in updating. I do try to update at least once a week, but life really got hectic this past week. July may not have many postings due to summer school teaching and starting my master's program.
Thank you for the continued support of my writing!


Thank you!

by QuakingQuasar on 19/02/2022

Thank you to all my readers!
I didn't think I'd reach 1000 views within a month or so of first posting Magic of Life. I'm excited to continue writing the story and see where Cypress and Atticus take us. After I finish each volume I'll add them to Amazon Kindle where they will be available for $0.99. My hope is that once I have three volumes, I'll create a three-in-one edition that is available for print. The story will stay on Moonquill regardless and will not be removed as I self-publish. In order to keep the stories free on Moonquill, they will not be put onto Amazon's KDP since that requires exclusivity with Amazon.

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