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The Wrong Wizards updates here every other Monday!

by Neila on 03/07/2022

Hey there everyone!

Times are stressful and mostly I just wanna sit and scream BUT I am back to updating The Wrong Wizards here every other Monday after I've updated it on my personal blog on my website, of course.

I am debating serializing a novel that I've been screaming into- I mean writing tte last couple months. It's a body horror detective story with super powers and a lot of weirdness. If I do that it'll probably be exclusive on my blog OR on Kofi or something as an experiment. Updates for that would also probably be a lot more frequent than the Wrong Wizards because I've been stresswriting this other book the last few months. So I have a lot of it written.

Pretty sure no one reads this blog here but I needed to get these thoughts out somewhere and I took Twitter off my phone so I'd have a moment of peace on the weekends.

Thanks for reading The Wrong Wizards! I hope you enjoy what is to come in the story!

- Sarah "Neila" Elkins


The Wrong Wizards will be posted every other week if I can manage starting MONDAY!

by Neila on 03/02/2022

Hey there! Not sure anyone actually reads this blog but I figured I'd post an update about The Wrong Wizards!

Sorry again for the delays! I had hoped to start updating again in December...then in January...but things got in the way. My new plan is to update maybe every other week!

I am working to rewrite a zombie novel I wrote in 2019 that I hope to submit to a literary agent plus the weather keeps getting cold here which really makes my arm tendons ache and slows me down. I also hope to open art commission slots again sometime later this month to help pay for the braces and other dental stuff I have going on. I will try to keep things rolling with The Wrong Wizards but I can't promise there wont be delays.

Thank you for your patience!

The mirror sites will update on MONDAY!

I've also made some new art for this chapter which you can currently see on my personal website and soon on my @NeilaK20 Deviantart Page.


-Sarah "Neila" Elkins


No Wrong Wizards update on Monday Dec 13th

by Neila on 10/12/2021

I may not stream next week. We'll see how my med stuff goes on Mon.

No update for #TheWrongWizards on Mon either since I'll be out of town & have been so nervous about med thing I can't focus on that right now. Threw myself into the comforting arms of Psychic Underground instead.

Again, med stuff on Monday isn't covid. I've been vaccinated and boosted. It's something else that took me forever to get a test scheduled for...and I'm not even sure they're gonna do the test my doctor ordered or a different one. 🙃

-Sarah "Neila" Elkins


New chapters of The Wrong Wizards will resume Monday!

by Neila on 03/12/2021

Sorry for the delay!

I plan to post the next chapter of The Wrong Wizards this Monday, December 6th. I've got a medical thing the following Monday but hope to update another chapter. It's possible that chapter could be delayed but I will try to have it ready early.

Christmas and New Years will cause a couple more delays. Sorry it's a busy time of year. January should have more updates as well.

I feel like I just gave a weather forecast.

Thank you for reading!

- Sarah "Neila" Elkins


No new chapters until December!

by Neila on 22/11/2021

Due to the holiday (US Thanksgiving) and medical stuff (not covid) I wont be posting any new updates for The Wrong Wizards until December.

Sorry for the delay!

-Sarah 'Neila' Elkins

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