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by Mildegard on 21/04/2021

My name is Olga Makarova but I usually go by Olga McArrow or Mildegard in the web.

I like writing stories and illustrating them.

The story I'm currently publishing here on Moonquill - "Cold Obsidian" - is actually an illustrated novel with up to 10 pictures per chapter, so if you want to read the illustrated original, check out its main site: http://kangassk.cfw.me/
There are lots of other extras there, too: maps, songs (with notesheets and music!), a bookstore, etc. Have a look :)

My other project is "Gifts of wandering ice", a sci-fi webcomic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. It's almost 700 pages long already, so if you're up to a long binge-read, here's its site: http://giftscomic.com/
Lots of other extras there too, like illustrated short stories and games.

In case you'd like to support me, here's my tip jar:

Well, what else? I play the ocarina, so if you'd like to hear some ocarina music, visit my channel:

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Cold Obsidian - book 1 of Obsidian Trilogy

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