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Early Chapter Release~

by Adevhine on 06/02/2020

I will be going away for 2 days so I won't be able to update on Friday! Please enjoy your early cookies~


Hello I just wanted to ask are you still writing Aria Tales


Cause it kinda stopped at a cliffhanger


The road to full time author (*^▽^)/

by Adevhine on 24/01/2020

Please support me if you like my novel. This silly author is finally working as a part-time author and is working on going full time! All the help will give me boosts of motivation! Thank you UwU (づσ▿σ)づ

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Random Thought(s)

by Adevhine on 07/05/2019

I once had an idea for a novel regarding the Matrix theory; the theory which states that the universe is but a simulation.

It goes like, "What if our dreams were memories from the 'real' world?"

The only reason I haven't written it is because I am not the best in Science ;_;

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