New Books!

by MoonQuill on 10/09/2020

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, we at MoonQuill have an indie publishing program that we're quite proud of!

Two books have come out of it in the past few weeks, and they're both very enjoyable reads!

The Halfwit Halfling: A Bard's Tale is a lighthearted LitRPG novel that follows Perry, a dude who just wants to eat cheesy chips with gravy and play his guitar. Synopsis below. https://amzn.to/3bIaYVq

My crime?
Petting the wrong ginger cat.
What should’ve been a pleasant evening in with cheesy chips with gravy, ended with an unhealthy dose of transmigration. I didn’t get hit by a truck nor was I stabbed while trying to protect my best friend or crush. I pet the wrong ginger cat.
Against expectations, the divine entity that should’ve given me her protection and an overpowered ability and spurned me instead. She slapped me with the crippling Pacifist Trait and condemned me to a life of incarceration in Game World.
It’s not over though. There is no way in hell I’m going to take this lying down.
Fighting for survival isn’t the only option. I suppose I’ll just have to rely on my Charisma.

The second book we've launched in recent weeks is Money-Grubbing Lover: The Money Trap, our FIRST romance book! Synopsis below. https://amzn.to/3bX2DNT

She was an impoverished tomboy who always ended up in the midst of a fight. Living her life on the edge, she never flinched nor knew what the words 'giving up' meant.
Although life was hard, her pure and bright personality never suffered. However, her only weak point was quickly grasped by the notorious and feared CEO Xie Jingyu, who not only owned a business empire but according to rumors also had a lot of secret businesses in his hands.
After saving the tycoon's life, she only had one request - money! Unfortunately, Xie Jingyu was not willing to let go of her just yet, and he pursued her with a relentlessness that made her breathless, a shamelessness that made her blush.
Unable to get away from the overwhelming CEO, her only option was to counterattack, playing a game of cat and mouse. never giving in, never surrendering, but never wholly rejecting either.
Could this money-grubbing woman turn into a lover, or would she manage to escape the net cast out by the king of underhanded deals?


New Update

by MoonQuill on 23/05/2020

Hello everyone!

Moon here. As you can see, we just released a pretty big update. Some of the highlights are...

  1. For authors, you no longer have to single-space your paragraphs in order for them to display properly.
  2. We have a notification system now! It's still in the works, but it will be improved in the future.
  3. The read page is visually mostly the same, but tags have been fixed, and completed/ongoing will properly display their respective books now.
  4. About 20 other bug fixes.

Big round of applause for our in-house dev, Kajack!

P.S. If you see anything that's not working that should be working, let us know either in the forums or in the discord, in the mq-bugs channel.

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!

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