Chapter 23 - Prep-Game

Author's Note


Thank you all for being patient! Those that were in Discord knew a lot of what was going on, but my Mom ended up sustaining internal bleeding and my Grandfather had issues with his Gallbladder that could have been fatal. After two surgeries with my Grandpa and three with my Mother they're finally doing well. I meant to take this break from posting to get a bunch written for 'rainy days', but it ended up the exact opposite! I ended up having a pretty rainy day and was with both of them much of the two weeks. I even used all of my PTO to help take care of them (the hospital sucks ... they wake you up like every 3-4 hours ... I'm a light sleeper). The Commission for Maria went through and I added the file to Patreon and Chapter 8. Even if she doesn't show her horn in the hospital, or at least to Rachel; the artist ended up drawing the horn on there ... could have been my fail instructions. Fiona's Commission should be done in the next one or two days. ^_^7 I added the full image and background download free for anyone who wants it. I'm going to be trying to at least get ATM and THC chapter out before Friday Night. Maria's Commission Link To DL Full Image and Background Image: Patreon — Discord Link (our growing community!) — Fiona's will be coming soon! ^_^7