Chapter 18 - Grave Sealed

Author's Note


Alright! Just so you all know, I'm going to be releasing Fiona's Change Chapter One after Chapter Sixteen! I understand a few people don't enjoy the extra chapters, but I have decided to add them. You can skip them if you don't want to read them. Could there be important information in them? Yes, in Scarlet's most definitely, but it is important for Character Development and something I want to do! I don't think I'll do it all the time, but they are written to be main characters too; though, Rachel is like the main main character, haha! Update: In regards to all my books, I think I'm fairly back on schedule. I need to write Chapter Three of Fiona's Change for Patreon; I may be able to get to that tonight. Thanks for all the support guy! Patreon — Discord Link — ^_^7