Chapter 16 - S2. Haunted

Author's Note


Current Update: Life: I've been pulling overtime on both jobs and with a surprise snow storm (that's still going on) I've been snow blowing a lot. I got back from work, snow-blowed, went to bed, woke up, ate a little, went to work. That's been my life for the last two days (likely this morning too). A Tail's Misfortune: I need to go over the next chapter for Patreon and dumb down the language; from comments I had last week, I'm using a lot of sophisticated languages that requires people to read over the chapter very slowly and several times to try and understand the philosophical depth (Inari, right ... she speaks with big words, but because she's a goddess, she should be able to make big concepts so easy to understand that even Wendy could understand it). Well, I quickly altered the chapter and split it up to give me time to do that ... except I haven't had time. I'll do what I can! The Helena Chronicles: I haven't even written the next chapter yet, but I can usually pump out a chapter in a sitdown ... how I normally write. If I have time, I'll go back over the next few days and refine it, but the bulk is written within a sit-down period. The Oscillation: I managed to write Fiona's Change #2 and get Chapter 14 up on Patreon. I'll do my best to get those written and released by Friday night (hopefully at the latest). Open poll on Patreon for next side chapter change! — Discord Link — ^_^7