Chapter 6 - Monsterhouse - [C58]

Author's Note


Hmm. Sometimes, I wonder if a description is clunky, if an action scene feels stiff, if the comedy is not funny, and if the dialogue is unrealistic. I hope that it's all in my mind, but the possibility of ruining a scene is a lingering fear that never seems to leave. It's a curious thing. The more I write, the more my lackings are obvious to me, and the more I get used to the presence of self-doubt. At first, it consumed my willpower, making difficult to type even a single word; now, while it's still a challenging adversary, it provides help on finding possibly problematic paragraphs. Sometimes, I spend an hour correcting a single paragraph, but I feel that each time that happens, it can be an occasion to learn something. To improve. Ah... I'm sorry, I just wanted to let that out. Returning on the topic of the chapter, my main worry is if the repetition of fights is tedious or not. I've tried to instill a sense of progress in the difficulty of the floors(and was aided by the ways Himo reacts to the challenges), but the repeated structure of [entering the floor -> fighting -> going to the next floor] might be quite... boring, I fear? What do you think about it? As always, thanks for reading! Some trivia about the function unlocked in this chapter: The amount paid in the tower was originally supposed to be 5 BS points per floor, but since that would promote the "quantity" of floors over the "quality", I've decided to change it into what you've read.