Chapter 1 - From Rags to Riches... to Rags yet Again - [C53]

Author's Note


Hey there! I must say it—editing was harder than I thought(many scenes needed as much as a rewrite). I still haven't finished, but, as I had promised to take only a few weeks of hiatus I don't want to delay publishing new chapters anymore, so I've written and published this chapter. But since I still have to edit, I'm likely going to aim to publish one chapter per week until I've edited all. Sorry! I'll try to get it done as quick as possible! Now, returning to this chapter. I'm wondering if it would've been better to end the first volume at the moment where Himo and his family first walk in the royal palace—what do you think about it? This mostly stems from how I fear it may be boring(and odd?) to start the second volume on the way back home from the plaza. As always, thanks for reading! And—wow, the time flies—Merry Christmas! Have great holidays!