Chapter 52 - Kingdom - [C52]

Author's Note


Hey there! This is the end of the first volume—I hope you liked it! Sorry for this chapter’s delay, I had never thought that the prospect of being so close to publishing on Amazon would make writing so hard. About Discord, I had made a server many months ago(it might be a year ago already), but it ended up being abandoned. I've checked it up a bit and set up a role for the notifications via ping, so that you won't have to check every day in search of an updated chapter. This is the link: As I said in a previous author's note, I'll be taking two weeks of hiatus to edit the volume, so there won't be new chapters for that period of time plus the time needed to write a new chapter. IMPORTANT: For this volume, I'll be(likely) going to try signing 'KDP Select’(Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon, which would mean signing the exclusivity there(This is temporary. The exclusivity isn’t permanent, and I’m mostly just testing out the waters). This means I'll likely have to unpublish most of this volume from MQ—note that I will keep uploading the second volume here, since as far as I know the 'exclusivity' should only apply to the(majority of the) first volume. I will leave the first uploaded here until I'm ready to publish on Amazon, however. As I know that this may sound abrupt(I'm sorry!), I'm considering to hold a giveaway somewhere in the near future and give out a few free copies. I still have to inform myself on how exactly to do that, however—I've never sold anything on Amazon, so... yeah. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section or on discord. Thanks for reading!