Chapter 51 - The Useful Log - [C51]

Author's Note


After over a week(double the time I expected) this chapter is finally completed—sorry for the delay! On the bright side, it is nearly 2000 words long, which is about 800 words more than the latest chapters. While I knew this already, this delay made me realize even more of the importance of a method of communication. Sadly, MoonQuill doesn't provide yet a notification system(I've been told they're working on it, however!), so I'm considering to set up for good a discord server where I can ping whoever is willing to be notified about chapters releases(I'd make a role for it so that who doesn't can still come without getting random pings). I could also inform in advance if a chapter is likely to come out late, unlike here where the most I could do would be changing the last chapter's author's note. What do you think about it? Putting that aside, about the part of the 'raverium' in this chapter, I feel that it's a bit "meh" to put that infodump in there, so I'll likely move it to the previous chapter(before the announcer starts talking) during the 'big edits'. I needed a way to explain why Himo's parents couldn't just break out of the chains(they're cultivators, after all), but I got this idea only while writing this chapter, so... yeah. As always, thanks for reading!