Chapter 46 - The Death of the Paintings - [C46]

Author's Note


Hey there! Let’s see... I don't know how to feel about this chapter. I fear that some parts may feel a bit "meh"—I'll edit/rewrite them in the future—but already two days passed from the date I promised to release this chapter, so I decided to publish it anyway. I'd usually promise to publish a chapter earlier as to make up for the delay, but with the "writer's block" I currently have(this has been haunting me for several months, but for the last two chapters it has been even worse), I have no confidence to back up that claim. I can only do my best to maintain an update rate of [one chapter/four days] for now. Nevertheless, I have an alternate solution to this. While I'm currently unable to provide extra chapters, the moment that my writer's block is unblocked, I will write and mass release a total of five(maybe more?) chapters as a way to celebrate. I hope that works as a solution—I'm really sorry for all these delays! Thank you!