Chapter 38 - A Surprise! - [C38]

Author's Note


Hi everyone! This chapter reached 2.3k words—wow! I'm sorry that it came out a few hours late(*cough*, nearly a day late), but I hope that the wait was well worth it! I personally laughed while writing parts of it(especially when Himo asked the system to pay for the info, really, I can't stop laughing whenever I write about their bickerings), while I was eager to write the rest. Also... I have one thing to say about the surveys. I was initially making one for this chapter too, but mid-way in, I realized that it wasn't what I truly wanted. Instead of reading survey answers, I would love to read discussions about your curiosities, your predictions for future events, what you hated, what surprised you, and many other things—all the while talking with you, not from behind a survey site. Thank you for reading!