Chapter 34 - A Ravaged Room - [C86]

Author's Note


Sorry for the delay, I've been hit by a bad case of writer's block. I kept delaying the completion of this chapter and, before I knew it, two extra weeks had passed. An important announcement: In the last few months, I've been feeling stressed and burned out(for both writing-related reasons and others). Despite the many attempts in the last one and a half years, my writing speed hasn't increased at all. With the current speed of 1000 words a week, I'll grow old before completing this novel. So, I took a decision: For a while, there won't be any release schedule. Chapters will come out at random times, as soon as they're ready to be published. In this period of time, I'll take one step at a time(contrary to how I've kept trying to do everything at once) to fix my life and break the block that is stifling my writing. PS: since the releases will be at random times, I'd suggest entering a discord server of mine—you can get a role that I can ping to notify you about any chapter update. This is the link: