Chapter 27 - Escape

Author's Note


When I started my vacation from college, I actually hoped to be writing every day and learn more about my own writing style. If anything, I learned how hard I can procrastinate... sigh. Now to focus on the present, I actually have some surprises for you guys. The first one actually came as a surprise for me, which is the new cover. I publish this story on other platforms, and one of them is A couple of weeks ago I received a message from them telling me I was eligible for a free cover for my novel, which I accepted. Here's the full image: Second, I started working on a set of maps for the world of Duality, and here's the first one: I plan to gather this map, along with other future ones in a glossary chapter that I'm working on, which brings me to the third surprise: I'm working on a glossary for the world of Duality, which will contain a list of all the characters, along with some lore about the world. Why is there a giant bridge on the center of the map? What are 'The Scars' on the bottom right? I'll put such information there, and try to make it as spoiler-free as possible. It's not ready to publish yet, but it'll be soon. And last, I haven't started working on this one yet, but I plan to rewrite the first four chapters that compose the prologue. For now, it's just a plan for the future. So that's it, enjoy the chapter. P.S.: To those wondering, the map was made on, a website where you can create your own fantasy maps.