Chapter 14 - Hunters Tournament, Part VII

Author's Note

J. Hamilton

The sole reason why Tarik won this match was because of Saki's approach. Not only was she not eager to win, but her feelings concerning Tarik led her to underestimating him. She would probably put up a tough fight against anyone else. MAKI KIRISHIMA AGE: 11 (DOB: November 26, 2000) HEIGHT: 5'2" BODY: Slim Build HAIR TYPE: Rose Gold; Short PREFERRED CLOTHING: Light; Tank Top, Sweatpants, Sneakers Maki is one half of the Kirishima Twins. They were actually rescued by Fūdo and Katashi from Dragon Territory a few years back, while they were quite young, along with their mother. Because of the Kirishima Clan's past, they unfortunately suffered mild classism from some adults of the two Clans, an issue Tenchi and Gadō constantly addressed and pleaded with the Clan members to desist from. While not much of a friendly person, even seen as somewhat cold by her classmates at times, Maki is strong and independent, considerative of others, and very encouraging, especially to her sister Saki. SAKI KIRISHIMA AGE: 11 (DOB: November 26, 2000) HEIGHT: 5'2" BODY: Slim Build HAIR TYPE: Magenta; Medium Length Messy Bun PREFERRED CLOTHING: Light; Tank Top, Leggings, Sneakers Saki is the polar opposite of her sister Maki, who is much more shy and soft spoken. She is tender hearted, caring, and very friendly, especially to those friendly to her. She often belittles herself, esteeming Maki as far superior than herself, even though their skills do not differ. She is also very polite, and has feelings towards Tarik.