Chapter 12 - Hunters Tournament, Part V

Author's Note

J. Hamilton

Quite a way to end a chapter, ain't it? HARUO SANJURO AGE: 11 (DOB: May 27, 2001) HEIGHT: 5’3” BODY: Slightly Chiseled HAIR TYPE: Black; Short, Straight PREFERRED CLOTHING: Dark; Tam Cap, Sleeveless Martial Arts Top, Track Pants, Track Shoes Haruo wasn’t a child of any notable figure in the Sanjuro Clan; he just grew up, went to the Academy, trained, and joined the Hunters. He wasn’t one praised for intelligence, and he tended to be cocky at times due to achievements, but he was a fairly strong individual of course, being a Sanjuro. He focused this strength into mastering Ranged-Combat, making use of extendable and throwable weapons. Among the trainees, he is second to none in the field of Long-Range combat, and is known to be generally overconfident. Inverse-Flow Technique Known Users: Tenchi Yamaguchi, Emir Yamaguchi, Satoru Yamaguchi, Steffan Rakulli, Tarik Yamaguchi. Rank: B Inverse-Flow is a form of technique that is meant to paralyze. By manipulating his/her Spirit Energy, the user pours their energy into the body of another, with the intent of creating an inverted energy flow, which temporarily restricts movement. Users of this technique require very refined Mana Manipulation to execute this technique flawlessly, as pouring in too little energy can have little effect, while using too much can mess up the accuracy, and incur a waste of energy.