Chapter 8 - Hunters Tournament, Part I

Author's Note

J. Hamilton

Afterword I wanted to start off with a surprisingly emotional battle, and so I just happened to come up with Jamal and Kento. One would think “but hey, aren’t they friends?”, and well, yes they are, but Kento’s view of Jamal as well as Tarik had altered quite a bit as their skills improved, and he was eventually overtaken by jealousy and anger. But thankfully, a punch to the head was all he needed to snap back to normal. Also, I had a Tournament Fixture Chart designed up, but I couldn't exactly upload it. It's more suited for use in a PDF document, unfortunately. KENTO YAMAGUCHI AGE: 12 (DOB: June 7, 2000) WEIGHT: 107LBS HEIGHT: 5’2” SKIN: White BODY: Slim Build HAIR TYPE: Black; Short, Messy PREFERRED CLOTHING: Bright; Long-Sleeves, Baggy Pants, Sandals Kento is a descendant of one of the Ancient Clans, the Kaneko Clan, through his mother who married to a Yamaguchi. They were a clan of swordsmen, known for their level of involvement in the shaping of the art of Kenjutsu as far as ancient times go. The Kaneko are distant relatives to the Rakulli, making Kento and Steffan distant cousins, although they don’t associate much, for no particular reason. Kento is a friend of Jamal and Tarik, who was delighted at their zest to become even stronger. His ultimate desire is to rebuild the Kaneko Clan.