Chapter 4 - Steffan Rakulli

Author's Note

J. Hamilton

Character Bios STEFFAN RAKULLI AGE: 22 DOB: December 6, 1987 WEIGHT: 130LBS HEIGHT: 5'6" SKIN: Snow-White BODY: Slim Build HAIR TYPE: Long; Maya Blue, Messy Ponytail PREFERRED CLOTHING: Bright; White Undershirt, White & Blue Cloak, White & Blue Joggers, Sandals Steffan is from the ancient Rakulli Family, who had mostly went extinct during the Dragon War, alongside the other Ancient Families. He was rescued from the streets many years ago by Emir Yamaguchi, during a mission. Steffan is a rather childlike individual who enjoys sleeping and talking to girls. He tends to be a rather sinister person while fighting, especially against Dragons. Steffan is loved by many among both Clans, and is among the High-Ranking Hunters.