Chapter 15 - A Deal Struck

Author's Note


I'm so tired T_T I was falling asleep trying to complete the Patreon Chapter. I was able to get 4,000 words written but still have more I need to write ... possibly another 1,500 words. I at least ended it on a decent point for them and will finish it up when I wake up (hopefully I won't have to go in early for work *prays*). Patrons chose the next chapter to be Fen (there's a few POV's that need to be done; Ashley, Nathan, Mary's stories, Kari, and Fen). Last week it was close between Kari and Fen, but Fen won out. News: For The Oscillation; through popular request (I have received several messages about it), I'll be releasing F2 and combining it with F3 as well. That should be the end of some of the plots that need to be given for some future arcs in the backlog chapters. Maybe I'll write Maria's change at the end of the book for those that voted for that in the past (you know who you are ^_^7). You'll get your Brion the cat back.