Chapter 12 - Don't Be Stupid

Author's Note


Alright, I'm going to be taking a break with The Helena Chronicles to focus more on A Tail's Misfortune and The Oscillation.  Three novels are turning out to be more work than I have time to dedicate.  I LOVE The Helena Chronicles, but it seems to be the least popular of my three girls T_T so, I'll put her in the stasis chamber for a later date.  I'll say that The Helena Chronicles has the most content out of any world I've developed; it really is massive.  However, I know ATM and TO are more popular at this time. On a second note:  After the next *two chapters (had this message for the patrons; forgot to update it), I think you'll all enjoy a bit of a break from the Human and Sora Advancement Arc, and so, I'll be swapping POV since we'll be done with Wendy's trial.  After talking with a few of you in Discord, it seems like it'll be a good break. Discord Link — Patreon Link — Enjoy ^_^7